Monday, 18 June 2012

Holiday Reading

My holiday at Easter may seem like it was in the dim and distant past but thankfully, the books I read are not.

So here's some reviews of the books I read.  First of all is:

All That Mullarky by Sue Moorcroft

I've been a big fan of the previous two Sue Moorcroft books I've read - Starting Over and Want To Know A Secret?

All That Mullarky certainly didn't disappoint. I wouldn't go so far as to say the kids could have drowned while I was reading it but it might have been a close call.

Sue creates such wonderfully vivid and likeable characters that you can't but help want to become involved in their lives and travel with them on their journey.

At the beginning of this novel it looks as though Cleo's marriage to the controlling Gav is at an end. When he tells her that she has to choose between him and going to a school reunion, she chooses the school reunion because she doesn't like his ultimatum. Half way there, though, she has a change of heart but when she returns home she finds that Gav has packed his bags and scrawled a nasty message on the bedroom wall. Distraught, Cleo goes in search for her sister for a shoulder to cry on but ends up having a one night stand with the irresistible Justin. It's an event that changes the course of Cleos life, but Im not going to tell you any more, youll just have to read it for yourself.

Next I read:

Sweet Temptation by Lucy Diamond

I love Lucy’s books, her characters are so down to earth that you instantly fall in love with them. Sweet temptation is the perfect holiday read (despite the fact that you are probably overeating). It's the story of three women who, at the beginning of the novel, are overweight and unhappy with their lives. Determined to loose the weight they join a slimming club called Fatbusters. Through hard work and a good support network, they not only become fitter and healthier but together they learn how to make their lives better. If you want to loose some pounds yourself, read this book and you will be inspired. Unfortunately inspiration alone does not loose the pounds
Emily's Innocence by India Grey

A Portuguese Prince and an English aristocratic ballerina - you can't get much more decadent than that, and the hero and heroine of India's novel do not disappoint.

India has created characters who pull at the heart strings with her fragile yet strong heroine and her haughty, bad boy hero with a hidden heart of gold which only Emily can melt.

The pages simply explode with passion as we fight for the two to overcome their insecurities and flaws and end up with their rightful ending, in each other's arms. Thanks India, you've done it for me again.

And finally for today we have:

A Sister's Gift - Giselle Green

Two sisters - Holly, a stay at home, dependable, married woman, who desperately wants a child but is unable to; and Scarlet, much younger and ambitious, working to protect the rainforest.

Scarlet is following in her mother's footsteps, who also worked in the Amazon and was killed when Scarlet was very young. Scarlet was brought up by her mother's friend and later, by Holly herself.

When Holly asks Scarlet to be a surrogate for her, Scarlet initially refuses, but as her personal circumstances change, she agrees.

This is a story of obsession and betrayal, and shows how a personal desire for something can destroy everything.

At times this story is rather bleak but it confronts serious issues and there are plenty of twists and turns along the way. I think this book would make an ideal book club read because it would spark plenty of healthy debate.

Not a light read but enjoyable all the same.



  1. Thank you for posting your reviews - I find them very helpful when looking for something new to read. Naughty naughty me - must read the books I've got before I get more, but there is always "the list" - I hadn't heard of A Sister's Gift, sounds good :-) x

  2. Hi Teresa

    And if your list is anything like mine it's a book in itself. I've even taking to hiding some books at work so my husband doesn't see the extent of the pile. I've managed to stop myself buying more paperbacks but can't resist downloading Kindle books. One in particular, A Friend Like Aunt Buffy, was a really great read - I think you might know the author. Watch out for my review.


  3. Thanks for the reviews, Linda. I've read Sweet Temptation which I really enjoyed. I'll check out the others you've suggested - add them to the tetering TBR pile. Last weekend I read Liz Fenwick's debut novel - The Cornish House - in a day. It was perfect on a wet weekend. Just couldn't put it down.

  4. Hi Kate

    Oh I know all about that teetering pile. I met up with a friend on Friday and she gave me three more books! Arrh!

    I've followed Liz on her blog for a while now and I'm delighted that she's published. I've heard nothing but good about her book and I can't wait to read it.