Tuesday, 15 May 2012

It's My Birthday!

Another score on the calendar of life, but does this face look bovvered????  No, because age is just a state of mind - or so I keep telling myself.  Actually I've decided to count backwards from 40 so today am I 36 years young, and I got 36 kisses from my boys this morning to prove it.

Actually, after the hectic partying a few weeks ago, I must admit that I'm happy to have a quiet one this year.  A glass of pretend fizz and sharing cripsy duck with my family tonight will be the pefect way to spend the day.  Besides which we're off to a dinner at a local hotel at the weekend with the footie crowd so that will be my celebration.

Despite the fact that I have a few more wrinkles, and considerably more grey hairs, I feel I'm finally growing into my skin.  At the moment, I'm in a relatively happy place.  I could do with more time, but who couldn't.  Now, all I need is a book deal, or at least to sell a few short stories and life will be perfect.

Whatever you are doing today, have a happy one.

Linda XX


  1. What a great way of looking at your life. I think I shall start counting backwards too. I too am very happy with my life. And love hearing people who are positive about their lives. As too many moan about their glass being half empty than seeing that in fact they are a lot better off than most with half a glass full.

    Have a great time,WAW.

  2. Great idea :-) Happy Birthday :-) x

  3. Hi Jarmara, looking at things as being a glass half full is something I find hard to do, but something I am trying very hard to do. I do have lots of lovely people in my life and I'm learning to try and not let the little niggly things get in the way of what I do have. Don't always manage it though!

    Thanks Teresa - my birthday was quiet but that's just the way I wanted it. Seems a long time ago now, but I've got lots of lovely Amazon vouchers to do some guilt free book buying (as if I need to buy any more!).


  4. Bit belated, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed your family dinner. It's also lovely to hear that you feel in a relatively happy place - I think recognising those moments and enjoying them is the bonus gift of birthdays.