Monday, 14 May 2012

I Want That House!

As mentioned in a previous blog I'm currently working on an old work in progress for the RNA's New Writer's Scheme.  It's a novel I started on a few years ago, and I have a rough first draft.  In fact, the beginning chapters are more or less right, because I wrote them while I was completing a Writer's News Home Study Course. My tutor was the lovely Sue Johnson who gave me no end of encouragement. 

What I loved about this course was rather than writing random assignments, you were asked to send completed chapters to your tutor who gave you feedback.  It helped so much that after I finished the course, I paid for an extension so that I could continue.  After that I completed the draft, but somewhere along the way I lost the plot which is what I hope to rectify over the next few months as I work towards my submission.

My first task was to read through what I had already written and figure out what works and what doesn't.  I had quite a lot of paper and decided to get rid of what had been either duplicated or superseded, and along the way I came across a file I had put together when I was in the first planning stages of the novel.

The file was a compilation of photos and descriptions of the house where my heroine lives.  I remember spending hours trawling estate agents websites  to find the perfect pictures so that I could visualise each room as I was writing.  Probably not the most effective use of my time, if you were costing it out by the hour, but it was fascinating to see what I had created.

In fact, I think I've actually created my dream house, and each night when I come home from work, I'm a bit disappointed to remember that I live in my house and not my heroines.  Does that make me weird?

I only hope that I can translate the pictures in my file and my head into the novel, and maybe one day I will find my dream house.  Who knows, you can only dream can't you?


  1. Hello, what you're doing is visualisation. By seeing the house you want, I feel sure you may get it one day. Anything's possible I believe, so imagine yourself celebrating the publication of your novel, in the garden of that house. Good luck.

  2. I'm trying!!! Is that the same as Cosmic Ordering or is that more complex?