Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Olympic Torch Disappointment

Yesterday my family went to watch the procession of the Olympic torch through Chester. As we didn’t have tickets to watch the celebrations at the racecoorse which was the main area of the celebrations, we decided to head to the Town Hall to watch the procession from there.

We arrived in plenty of time but already the crowds were out in force. We found a spot in front of the Visitor Centre, which was slightly raised, and which, we hoped, would give our children a better view. A band played from the steps of the Town Hall and the atmosphere was expectant. This really was going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

To the side of us giant dummies were receiving a lot of attention and they really looked the part.


There was also one of the Queen and one of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. I felt proud to be British.

Then, just before the procession arrived, the dummies were moved to the top corner of the road opposite the Cathedral, completely blocking not only our view but also the view of many other people. We asked why the dummies needed to be placed in an area which obliterated the view of people who had come specifically come to support the Olympic procession and were told it was at the Council’s request. However, later they were moved back slightly, although still blocking our view, and I suspect they were placed here so that

This is how our view was blocked.

The Jubilee Giants are going to be a big part of Chester’s celebration of the Diamond Jubilee and they are very impressive. However, I fail to see why the positioning of them last night took precedence over the public who had come to see the Olympic torch, a completely separate event from the Diamond Jubilee. The giants were receiving enough attention without needing to spoil the occasion for many others. I’m sad to say that what I thought would be a once in a lifetime experience turned into a giant disappointment.

Guess who won't be bothering to go and see the giants on Monday!


  1. How disappointing. I'd be annoyed aswell, especially as it would be such a great experience for your children to have seen it. What a daft idea!

  2. I know, and in grumpy old woman mode I have written a letter of complaint to our local newspaper. Wonder if they'll print it though!