Friday, 24 April 2015

The Time of Year

I love this time of year, when the sun shines and everything in the garden starts to blossom.  The recent weather has inspired me to get out and walk in an effort to get fit and lose some weight. 

Exercise is something I find easy to put off, let’s face it there are plenty of other things to fill my time, but the weather has definitely helped.  I certainly don’t enjoy walking in the cold and wet. 

The only problem with the amount of blossom that’s around is that my hayfever has kicked in, and as well as a horrible cold that I have inherited from my lovely husband, you could say that I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself at the moment.

I had a busy old month writing wise last month.  I submitted my novel to two agents, after it came bouncing back alarmingly quickly from the first one I sent it to, and I made two short story submissions (not much I know but it’s a start).  I also started to revamp another novel aimed at Mills and Boon and entered it into the competition they are running in association with Prima Magazine. 

This month I’ve been working on another two short stories and have started an assignment for the Article Writing and Freelance Journalism course I began last year.  I must admit I’m finding it a bit tricky.  I have plenty of article ideas but its targeting them to specific magazines that I’m having trouble with.  

My procrastination is such that I have spent a lot of time this month researching different magazines, but still haven’t settled on any.  I need to pull my finger out and make a decision soon. 

For now though, I think I’ll blame it on the cold and make a decision when I’m feeling a bit more like myself again. 


  1. You sound pretty productive to me. Good luck with the Mills & Boon comp.
    When the sun shines I'd rather be outside, so I've been enjoying walks, bike rides and pottering about in the garden, but I always find getting out and about is good for inspiring new story ideas. It's the forcing myself to sit down and write them that's the problem. Now I need a week of rainy days!

  2. Goodness - you have been busy, Linda!