Monday, 23 March 2015

Out of the Mouths .......

Now, what is she doing with a photograph of a potato masher on her blog – has she gone completely insane?  I hear you ask.

Well no, not quite, not yet anyway.

Recently I’ve put together a rota for household chores for my boys.  They want money and I would much rather be writing than cleaning, so each job has a price and each day they tick off the jobs they have done. Sunday is payday.

It’s not always a qualifying success and more often than not I have to nag to make sure the jobs are done.  Last week my youngest wasn’t too happy with the amount of money he received at the end of the week and vowed to try harder.  I’m still waiting.  But I console myself that at least I’m trying to impart some kind of work ethos to the next generation.  Maybe their future partners will thank me one day even if the boys don’t.

I also have to turn a blind eye to things not being done quite how I would like them and spend a lot of time hunting around the kitchen as the contents of the dishwasher have been secreted in unusual places.

But the funniest thing out of all this was my youngest’s response when he went to put the potato masher away.  He came running in to me saying, “Mum! This got bent in the dishwasher!” 

Well you have to laugh.  Perhaps I need to add a few cooking lessons too.


  1. I was wondering what had happened to your fish slice (which is what I call the flat ones of them - might not be their proper name). To be fair though our masher looks very different.

  2. I really hope the boys don't expect to get paid for chores when they get married!! After all, we women don't. It has caused many a discussion between me and my husband. I must say, the potato masher is my favourite stress buster :) All the best with the training :)