Thursday, 4 June 2015

Back To Reality

Well, May passed by in a blur especially as we were on holiday for ten days of it, so apologies for the lack of blog posts recently.

Life was all a bit hectic before we went away, we had a lovely relaxing 10 days and then came back down to earth with a bump.

When I booked the holiday I thought we were travelling back on Saturday night arriving back at 1.30 on Sunday morning.  With the rest of Sunday to recover I thought this would be fine. On closer inspection though, I realised that we were in fact coming back on Sunday night, arriving in the early hours of Monday morning when we were all due in work or school.  Still, I thought if we got some sleep on the plane and had a good run through the airport it wouldn't be to bad.

But I wasn't factoring in baggage handlers who were on a go-slow.  We waited an hour and three quarters for our luggage, amidst chaos of other flights coming in and getting their baggage before us.  It was carnage, just what you don't need in the early hours.

We eventually got home at 4am, grabbed a couple of hours sleep and woke up to find that that a mains water pipe had burst in the village and there was no water.  My youngest's school was closed but as I couldn't stay off work I then had to find someone to look after him.  My husband whizzed over to his mum's to get some water and at least we had enough for a quick wash, a cup of tea and even managed to clean our teeth.

Not exactly conducive to keeping hold of the holiday vibe but I do like a challenge!

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