Thursday, 13 February 2014

Doing a 10k Walk on Saturday

Firstly, hope you are all surviving the storms. Last night was pretty scary here, trees were flying everywhere, but we have  remained relativity unscathed so far, compared to other places.  (Fingers crossed).  My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering from the floods or those who have no electricity, you just never know whats round the corner do you?

Now, the subject of this blog is the 10K walk.

My eldest is doing the Archbishop of York Award through his school (similar to the Duke of Edinburgh Award), and the first task is to do some personal voluntary work / fundraising.

As he is only 12, Charlie wasn't too keen about going out into the community (bless him, he's shy), so he decided to do a sponsored walk instead.

The walk needs to be completed by the end of this coming half term, but when we did some research, we couldn't find anything suitable in our area.

So we decided to make up our own, which you can do through the Macmillan website.  Its so easy to do, they send you official sponsorship forms, you can design your own posters and they even send you a free T-shirt.  

Macmillan is also a charity which is close to our hearts as Charlie's Granddad, my father in law, died from breast cancer, so we have dedicated the walk to his memory.

Two weeks ago we did a dummy run (just to check that I could do a 10k walk!) along the Chester Greenway, a path which cuts through the center of the city - a bit more picturesque than having to walk along roads.  The only problem was that it was flooded part way along so we got a bit wet - twice.  

I'm just hoping the weather picks up by Saturday, otherwise we are going to have to take our swimwear, and possibly climbing gear to climb over fallen trees!  At any rate I'm taking the wellies!

So far we have raised £130 but if anyone feels like they would be willing to sponsor us, any donations would be most gratefully received.

Charlie has a just giving webpage at

At any rate, please wish us luck for Saturday, I have a feeling that we might get very cold and wet.  But whatever the weather we will be out there!  It might even turn into a run if the weather is really bad (perish the thought)


  1. Good luck Charlie. Fingers crossed for the weather

  2. The very best of luck for your walk.

  3. Thank you both - although I must admit the weather isn't looking good!!