Tuesday, 4 December 2012

When You Can Deny It No Longer

Christmas is coming. It's a fact, and one I try to deny every year. Until it creeps up on me and I realise I need to do something about it. Pronto. Sighs.

I don't want to be bah humbug but I can think of a lot more useful things to be doing with my time than trawling around the shops or the internet, looking for things to buy that I can't actually really afford - especially not this year.

And then just when you think you've got it in the bag you think of someone else you need to buy for.

So every year I put it even thinking about it for as long as possible and then get really annoyed by the smug people who, in mid-November, smile and say,

'Oh Christmas shopping, I've finished mine.

Grinds teeth to a fine powder.

So today I'm going to bite the bullet and get started on my Christmas card list. If I can get all the ones I need to post out of the way, I might feel some small sense of satisfaction.

And then I can get on and do something that I actually want to do.


  1. I always start shopping early with the best of intentions, but always end up scrabbling round at the last minute for most of it. I know someone who does all theirs in the January sales.
    Christmas cards - eeek - I'd better get on with the ones that go abroad! Thanks for the reminder :-) x

  2. Hi Teresa

    I really don't understand how you can shop so early, how do you know what people want? Perhaps it's just me.

    My youngest has chosen the most expensive gifts possible to put on his list - how do you tell him that Santa is on an economy drive when his mates get the presents he wanted?

    Another conumdrun.