Friday, 28 December 2012

'Tis The Season

Forgive me blog followers for not wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance of the season, I meant to, honest I did, but, as ever, events ran away from me. 
I was trying to be extra organised this year, and was doing quite well, until I managed to scratch my eye taking out a contact lens and had to spend a day in bed because I couldn’t open it.  For several days it was very sore and swollen and even attempting to look at a screen or the printed word was a complete no no.
It all seems to be better now, thankfully, although I haven’t attempted to put my lenses back in since and have been wearing my glasses which I hate.  Still, it’s a small in convenience compared to earlier in the week, and it’s made me realise just quite how much we take things for granted.
I always go a bit mad at Christmas and try and prepare everything myself, so Christmas Eve, saw me making pate, mince pies, cheese sauce and the list goes on.  By the time evening came round I was so tired that I wanted to cry. Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through it, when I’m sure everyone else would be just as happy with something picked up from a supermarket.  I suppose it’s my equivalent of a medieval hair shirt. 
I do enjoy cooking though, I just wish I could pace myself a bit better.  Now we have a glut of food in the fridge that no one seems to want to eat.  Still I suppose that’s all the fun of the season.  The diet will have to start when the mince pies are gone!
Although it was just the four of us for Christmas day, it was still hectic early on.  Now the boys are a bit older I thought that the present opening might not be as much fun but, if anything, it was the opposite. They were so excited by their presents that it was a joy to watch and justified, almost, all that trudging round the shops and searching websites.
I didn’t do too badly myself, although I actually picked some things for myself because it’s the only way to get want I want.  I did get a furry new hat for my winter walks though, so that was great, and I received a brilliant book on Charles Dickens from a friend of mine and an Amazon voucher from my mum, which I am really going to enjoy spending.
The day followed the usual church, then a drink with friends before going home to finish off the dinner.  After dinner is my favourite part of the day, sitting down with a glass of wine and the Christmas TV.  Christmas day telly was brilliant, although I was horrified by the ending of Downton. (I won’t reveal in case you haven’t watched it, although I imagine that by now all fans will be in the know). How sad, but then part of the programme’s success is down to the brilliant writing and the many twists and turns in the storylines.
On Boxing Day my family came to visit which was lovely, but more cooking, so I am now relieved to be having a few days down time just to chill.  My eight year old did a star turn by developing a sudden and unexpected passion for washing up.  It only lasted for one day but it was nice while it lasted.
I love the days between Christmas and New Year the best, but the weather isn’t exactly making me want to go outside, so the boys are going a bit stir crazy.  Playing board games and doing jigsaws just isn’t the same for dispelling their energy levels as a good run around.
For now though, I’m happy to catch up on my reading and start planning my next writing projects, when I’m not refereeing that is.
I hope that whatever you are doing you are managing to get some ‘me’ time in.  Everyone deserves that at this time of year.
Take care!


  1. It's a funny time inbetween Christmas and New Year. I'm busy reading a couple of books I got for Christmas and like you refereeing. It's my son's birthday on New Years Eve so time to get sorted for that.

  2. Mine's a bit later than yours - 5 Jan. Hope you have a good New Year Rachel, you deserve it.