Monday, 21 March 2016

List Mania

Have a week full of appointments this week - as well as work - so in my effort to be more productive, here are my current thoughts.

There’s no point in dedicating a set time each day to write if you spend the entire time staring at a blank screen / piece of paper, so its important to plan what you’re going to work on before the allocated time.  That way you can hit the ground running and grind Mr Procrastination into the dirt.

And this is where lists come in.  I’m of big fan of a list and quite happily write endless bullet points of things I want to do.  But, unfortunately the lists themselves seem to strangle me with their own enthusiasm because they are so long that they become unachievable.  So whilst I will probably never be able to contain the urge to put everything in my head down on paper, its important for me to prioritise.  

From now on I’m going to pick three things from the list and make them my priority.  That way the list won’t seem so daunting and I’ll get things done.

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a ticked off list - I must be a very sad person!


  1. Lists are great but as you say, they can be ruthless. I now have several lists which are colour coded - yellow for writing targets, green for household things to do, pink for remembering appointments and important dates and blue for other 'crappy' stuff. It works a treat and doesn't look as look or overwhelming. And the coloured paper makes it look pretty and inviting :) I don't think you are sad at all :) Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow, Nicola, now that's what I call organised!

  3. My lists are scraps of post-it's on my kitchen island. I'm so disorganised! I write when I feel like it and this could be morning or afternoon or not at all. I'm more likely to have a weekly target than a daily one as it means I can be more flexible.

  4. Sounds like it works for you though Wendy, you certainly get the writing out there!