Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Back To School

Well the end of the summer holidays is nigh and I for one will breathe a sigh of relief, despite the fact that cold winter days and dark nights are imminent. 

But I’m coming to the end of two weeks off work, and I’m certainly not looking forward to going back.  Event through is only part-time, recently my job has become unbearable and I’m desperately looking for something else so that I can finally move on.  I’ve got a few days left before I go back though, so I’m trying not to think of it and enjoy the time left with my boys. 

We haven’t been away this holiday but during my time off I’ve been trying to organise my life and my house, before the start of the new academic year.

As well as decluttering my house, I’m trying to declutter my hard drive – a necessary evil – and I’ve been revamping and editing stories which have been lying dormant.  Some of them are first drafts and some which need new life breathing into them.  Since my acceptance, I have sent out four more stories, and in September I’m determined to get my writing head back on. 

I’ve always seen September as a fresh start, sometimes more so than New Year, and so now is the time to reassess my goals for the rest of the year and start to make sure that I achieve them.


  1. I generally find writing much easier in the winter. Well done for getting more stories sent out.

  2. Thanks Wendy. I agree, tendency to hibernate in the winter. I've just bought this week's copy of The People's Friend and am looking forward to reading your serial. Well done.