Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Over a month since my last post - I'm ashamed!  

But we are now half way through the summer holidays which is always a period of juggling!  

I've been trying to fit in  the odd bursts of writing whenever I get a few spare minutes - usually in Sainsbury's cafe when I'm between taxi journeys - not the cheapest way to write.

I've also been looking for a new job, but despite getting the interviews the job always seems to be just out of my grasp.

But after a long period of rejection, I'm delighted to say that today I received a phonecall from a lovely lady at Prima magazine, to tell me that they are going to publish a story I sent them recently. 

It really made my day and gave me a real boost when I needed it most.  Thank you Prima!

They accept 800 word stories, so the wordcount is pretty tight, but with the ever decreasing outlets for Womag stories, its definitely worth a try.

Now I'm going to have a very large glass of wine to celebrate!


  1. Congratulations, wannabe! I think I tried Prima a few times but got nowhere so gave up.

  2. Hi Keith Thank you, might be worth another try? They seem to like twist endings.

  3. That's great news, congratulations :-) xx

  4. Well done! It feels great doesn't it? And suddenly all those past rejections simply don't matter any more. Here's hoping your job-hunting luck will change soon as well. Cheers!

  5. Hi Teresa - thank you - no where near your success but its a start!

  6. Hi Linda, it does feel great, and has given me the push I needed to start sending out more stories - you've got to be in it to win it as they say