Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Struck Down

For over a week now our household has been struck down with an awful cold and cough bug which seems to have overtaken.

My eldest was the first to get it.  Uncaring mother that I am I dosed him up and sent him into school the day after he started with it as he was going on a school trip.  When he came back that afternoon he went straight to bed (unheard of) and spent the next two days off school (also unheard of) coughing and spluttering.

On Friday he was just about fit enough to go to school but my youngest was struck down and also had a day off school.

That night we were due to go and see The Lion King at the Palace Theatre in Manchester.  We had booked the tickets ages ago as a birthday treat for my mum and no one wanted to miss it (especially after paying so much for the tickets) so off we went.  At least half the theatre was coughing and spluttering so we weren’t the only ones spreading our germs.

On Sunday my husband was struck down and my youngest was still ill so didn’t go in on Monday either.

I’ve done my best to nurse them all through it, even though I have craved the peace and quiet that is our house when they are all at work and at school and just when I got them all well again I’ve been struck down too.

I’m trying to keep going – mums don’t have time to be ill after all, but I must admit I currently feel rotten.

Let’s hope in a few days’ time I’ll be feeling more normal and next week will be full of beans and able to concentrate on some writing again.  


  1. Gosh, doesn't sound like you've got off to a very good start this year. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and I hope you enjoyed the Lion King?

  2. Hope you feel better soon. At least there's no-one left to be ill.

  3. Hi both, thanks for your best wishes. Think I'm just starting to get over it now. Can't wait until the morning I wake up and don't feel 100 years old! As a family we rarely get ill so I'm hoping we've had our stint for a while. The Lion King was lovely thanks, I'm just about to post about it.