Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Let's Celebrate! Again.

Yes, that's right I did say celebrate, for yesterday was my youngest son's 11th birthday.

I always feel sorry for him having a birthday when the rest of the world is getting back to normal after the long Christmas and New Year break. My stamina is usually a bit thin on the ground by this point and so I have to try really hard to make it exciting for him.

On Sunday his older half-brother took him to watch Chester FC play which he loved, despite the fact that they lost.  At half time his brother had arranged for his birthday to be announced over the loudspeaker - sadly he took that moment to visit the loo and missed it!

Yesterday was the first day back at school - a sigh of relief from me - but its a shame that his birthday so often falls on the first day back.

We went out for a meal last night though and then on Friday he's having a big sleepover - can anyone lend me some earplugs?

Apart from his birthday I've just booked an overnight stay in Leeds to watch the football (again) the following week - at least I get to stay in a nice hotel, and then the week after we're off to Manchester to see the Lion King.  

In between all that I'm hoping to get some work and writing done.

Looks like its going to be a busy old month!


  1. Oooh did you hear my groan of disappointment on your son's behalf - missing the birthday announcement! Three of my grandchildren have birthdays in January - the youngest is on New Year's Day so he'll never have to go to school on his birthday, lucky boy.Sounds as if you're in for a terrific few days - have fun :-) xx

  2. you've just reminded me - it's my brother's birthday next week!

  3. All goes well with the sleepover, they're just as tiring for parents as the children. Lion King sounds great- have a fantastic time.

  4. My first ever short story attempt was about football. My husband is football crazy and our life seems to revolve around it. I hate it!! I tried to get interested but sitting in a stadium in -13 is not my idea of fun - at all. My bottom froze to the plastic seat and I thought I'd lost both ears. They didn't regain sensation for at least 6 weeks :) So, I gave up trying to 'fit in' to that scene and have gained more time for myself and writing. Dare I say...... that first story was written very badly but may be worth a future visit and complete overhaul.

  5. Hi Teresa - we did have fun - although it was exhausting.

    Wendy - glad to remind you!

    Kate - its so hard controlling other people's kids, especially when they are all trying to outdo each other in the noise stakes!

    Nicola - I must admit I never expected my life would revolve around football. If it was just my husband I wouldn't bother but when there are kids involved - well you kind of can't help it, even if you don't particularly like the sport. I've just been out and bought myself a coat that resembles a sleeping bag in an effort to stop myself from freezing to death!