Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Lovely Weekend

Last weekend we went to Leeds, which is a usual tradition for the boys' birthdays, as they love to watch their favourite team play and we stay over in a nice hotel.

The one we chose this time was the Crowne Plaza, complete with swimming pool and spa, and a couple we are friends with decided to join us, as the husband is also a Leeds supporter.  (There’s more than you think, you know!).

As it was an early kick off we set off straight after breakfast.  My youngest should have been playing football that morning, so we’d had to excuse him, but luckily for us all, that game was cancelled.

The match against Leicester was a good game, very edge of the seat, but sadly Leeds lost 1-0.  As Leicester is at the top of the league, we had expected to lose, but it was a bit disappointing because on the day it could have gone either way.

Afterwards, we checked into the hotel and then went for a swim.  I’d organised some treatments at the spa, and while my friend went for a back massage I had a facial.

It was absolute bliss.  So relaxing to lie in a darkened room with soft music while someone smoothed cream over my face.  It made me realise how we spend so much time tensed up and its made we want to have one more often.  Certainly an incentive to work harder and earn the money to afford them! Even now my skin feels and looks so much better, I feel years younger!

Later we all went out to an Italian restaurant.  After a luxurious sleep we all got up for another swim before breakfast and then went to the Leeds FC Superstore to buy the birthday boy some goodies.  As it was such a nice day we even managed a walk when we got home.

Its so wonderful to go away and be waited on.  The only downside is that for most of this week I’ve been playing catch up, where the chief cook, cleaner and bottlewasher is once again good old me


  1. It sounds a wonderful weekend (except for the football part!) I absolutely adore facials - not that I get to have them often. It's so lovely to have time off, isn't it.

  2. That sounds perfect - my grandsons are all Leeds supporters (as are their parents)! I love the sound of the spa treatments and the Italian food too x

  3. Hi Both,

    Yes it was a lovely weekend. Sadly it seems like a long time ago now!