Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Golden Times!

Last week my parents celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary.  50 years – wow what an achievement!  I’ve got 37 more years to go!
Mum didn’t want a big fuss, so they went away for a week to the Isle of Man where they went on honeymoon all those years ago.

They had a lovely time, but we couldn’t let the moment go unmarked, so on Sunday, my brother and his family and my auntie and uncle went out for a meal.
It was a lovely occasion, the food was excellent and our waitress was the daughter of my brother’s best friend so the service was brilliant too.
We’d sent Mum and Dad off on their hols with some spending money, but surprised them with some more personal gifts at the meal.
And then came the cake. Months ago, my sister-in-law and I had decided that this would be personal too.  So I made a fruit cake and on a visit to my parents, surreptitiously switched it to the boot of her car so she could decorate it.  I say she, my sister-in-law iced it, and was director of purchasing and operations, but my 14 year old niece designed the cake and did all the “art work”, including making all the decorations herself.
The result was beyond words! Well, it brought a tear to my eye and to my Mum’s too.


But not only was the result a family affair, it was so personal.  My Dad grows sunflowers and has lots of potted plants on the patio, and the pair of them like to sit on their little bench with a cup of tea.  My brother also has a new dog, depicted at the bottom, getting intotrouble as usual and breaking things!

I know it’s not very British to boast, but what a talent that young girl has!

And it was a wonderful day, one we’ll all remember for the rest of our lives.

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  1. What a wonderful cake and 50 years is certainly an achievement... I've only done 3!