Thursday, 4 April 2013

Happy April

I love the fact that the sun is shining and it actually feels like spring.  Not so warm out of the sunshine, although I did spend some time in the garden yesterday to try to tidy it up a bit. Things must be improving, it’s the first time I’ve ventured into the garden so far this year.

Well, Easter is over and the eggs (chocolate) are taunting me.  With my eldest having a brace it means that he can only eat sweet things at mealtimes, and as I made a chocolate cake on Good Friday, which is taking some getting through, he is rather spoilt for choice.

Also youngest son, who happily postponed the sickness bug until after he’d been on his school trip, succumbed in the early hours of Tuesday morning and has been off chocolate ever since.  Think he might just be getting his appetite back now though.

Today they are both a football so it means I get a few hours peace.  I should be either working or writing but it feels too much like the holidays and I can’t get my constructive head on. I must try to get something done though because it feels as though the days and months are merging into each other with little to show for them. My work ethic seems to have packed it’s bags and is sunning itself by the pool.  Wish I was!

Anyway, happy April everyone, hope you’re being more productive than I am – or at least are enjoying some free time!


  1. Sorry your son wasn't too well. I had rotten cold and three grandchildren to look after the last couple of days - jus tgot them into bed...phew!

  2. Isn't the peace blessed when they are all asleep? My children are all fine now and tearing around in the sunshine. It may have been cold but at least it hasn't rained (fingers crossed I'm not speaking too soon). Hope you feel better soon.