Friday, 3 May 2013

The Merrie Month of May

Oh I love the month of May.  One of the reasons is because it’s the month of my birthday, although I have to admit that as the years creep up, it’s not quite as exciting as it used to be.  I try not to look on my birthday as a reminder of the advancing years, but use it as an excuse to spoil myself.  If you can’t kick back on your birthday then when can you?
But the main reason I love May is the weather.  The nights draw out, the weather gets warmer (in theory) and finally, after the dark days of winter we can reconnect with the outside world again. 
And the first few days of May have been a blessing.  Although it’s a bit cloudier today, the forecast for the Bank Holiday is good (fingers crossed).  The only downside to being in the outside world again though, is that I can no longer deny the shambles which is my garden. 
Gardening to me is like housework – I hate doing it but love the results.  When I say gardening, what I really mean is weeding. I never seem to manage to finish the weeding before I have to start again. 
Over the last few days I have been tackling the front. As I live in an open plan estate, it is the part that shames me most as everyone can see the level of neglect.  I’m nearly finished and it’s looking so much better that it’s given me the incentive to keep going.
Maybe this year, now that I have more time at home, I might be able to make some progress. Who knows, I might even get the time to plant something!
Whatever, I’m hoping that at least we’ll get some good enough weather for me to sit outside without looking at the weeds and feeling guilty.
Fingers crossed that the predicted hot weather in May becomes a reality.  It will be nice to have a summer that lasts more than just a few days.


  1. It is a lovely month isn't it. I love these long days and all the new fresh growth on everything! I live on an open plan estate too, so I know what you mean :-) Enjoy the sunshine :-) x

  2. It's so lovely, isn't it. I tried to write outside yesterday, so as not to waste the lovely sun but found it almost impossible.

  3. I love the blossom in May, and the spring flowers. The garden seems to come alive again. I like to tidy up the front garden as it's always nice then to see it when I come home, and the 3 tubs I have near the door, which I usually plant with winter pansies and then bizzie lizzies. Like you, I don't really enjoy weeding although I do it. I tend to potter in the back garden, it's my favourite place to sit with a notebook and write. Have a lovely birthday.

  4. The blossom is beautiful but it appears I spoke too soon - are our few days of summer really over? Come back sun, we love you!

  5. Happy Birthday. I ran out this afternoon after the rain stopped and tried to sort out the dandelions and grass in my greenhouse. I've now swapped them for tomatoes and courgettes, though I decided not to plant my potatoes into what is now a muddy patch of water, like the beach I dig down and end up with lots of water. Mmmm! Where's the sunshine gone?