Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Frustrating Days

Today is turning out to be a frustrating one.  First of all I had to take my car in for it’s MOT.  Although it was booked in, I didn’t fancy hanging around so thought I would come home and try to work while I was waiting for it – better than shivering in a drafty garage!
So when I got home I thought I would just empty the washer before getting back down to some work.  But I didn’t realise that it hadn’t drained properly and although the door shouldn’t have opened, it did and flooded the entire kitchen.  I used up practically my whole collection of towels to mop up the tsunami and now I have to wash them too – fingers crossed that the washing machine will actually drain this time, otherwise I won’t actually have any towels to mop up the mess.
I don’t know about you but my washing machine has a little tap at the bottom which you can turn when the water won’t drain and it releases the water from the front.  The design on it is so brilliant that you can’t actually fit anything underneath it at the bottom to catch the water coming out – so there was another flood.
Soon I’ll have to go and pick the car up and knowing my luck today it will have failed it’s MOT – oh the joys of working from home!
And the weekend wasn’t much better – my youngest son scored a hat-trick – not in goals mind you but in broken bones.  He first broke his wrist when he was four – playing football in goal.  It was a bad break and for a while we were worried about how well it would heal.  But as he was young we were assured that his future growth would sort it out.
When he was six, he broke his other wrist – playing football – in goal.  Brilliant!  So after that we decided that perhaps he shouldn’t play in goal any more.  But he loves it so much and is really quite good so last year we decided that he could start playing again. Everything has been fine and it has reignited his love for the game.
On Saturday morning, though, his luck ran out.  Although he had hurt his arm, we didn’t think it was broken as he could move everything quite freely.  We strapped it up and hoped for the best.  But on Sunday morning when it was no better I decided that a visit to A&E was in order.  In my defence, the triage nurse didn’t think it was broken either, but when the x-rays came back, although the bone wasn’t fractured, there was a crack.  Now he’s back in plaster and I’m waiting for an appointment for the fracture clinic.
At least he’s not in pain anymore, and actually is quite enjoying being the centre of attention, but I spent most of yesterday cancelling arrangements I’d made for him for the next few weeks and he really is going to have to consider the fact that his goaly career is over.  Later today I have a visit to the orthodontist planned for my other son.  
But I’m managing to smile, I will take this all in my stride and tomorrow is another day.  Oh dear, think it might be safer not to get out of bed at all!
Hope you’re having better luck than me at the moment.


  1. Poor son. It must be frustating being good at something that disagrees with him. Three breaks do seem to signify that it's time for him to channel his talent into something else. And poor you - I hate those frustrating days where nothing seems to go right. I do hope that when you got the car it was fine. Most probably after that I would head straight to the nearest cupcake shop!

  2. Hi Jayne, it is a shame but that's life I suppose - sad that he has to learn that lesson so young. Thankfully the car passed it's MOT although it needs a service - more money! But I did manage to claw something back from the day so all was not lost. And today the sun is shining!