Thursday, 15 December 2011

Facing the Fear

No I'm not talking about the fear of not being published,or the fear of being too successful (ha ha - as if), this is a real life fear.  It's ...... the dentist!

I used to be absolutely terrified of the dentist - which backfired because I refused to go for so long that when I did I had real problems.  I go on a regular basis now and was delighted when, a few weeks ago, I went for my six monthly check up and didn't need any work at all.  It was great to be able to make an appointment for 2012!

A week later one of my back teeth crumbled.  Just crumbled. On a mince pie.  Ironically it was the softest, crumbliest, yummiest mince pie I've ever eaten, and no, maker of said mince pie - I'm not blaming you or your culinery skills - it was just the tooth. (Recipe for best mince pie ever is on the Good Food website btw)

Well, when I say tooth, actually I mean filling, because most of the tooth was just filling.  A few years ago it had been pinned to keep the filling in place, but obviously it was time for it to go to the big allluminium place in the sky.

So last week, I was back in the chair for a temporary to tide me over until today. 

I wasn't looking forward today I can tell you. I may have overcome my fear but I knew this was going to be a biggy. And it was.  2 hours worth (OK I'm exaggerating, my dentist was running half an hour late).  Now my face feels like its done ten rounds in the boxing ring and my jaw just aches.  Can't wait for the anaesthetic to wear off.

And tonight I'm supposed to be going for a Christmas meal with my book club.  I'll have the soup please!

Fingers crossed this filling stays in!

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  1. I too am scared of dentists and weirdly I also dislike hairdressers. I think it's a lack of control thing. The teeth hurt and the hair ends up looking odd. Well that's my excuse. I hope you're teeth are good soon.