Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Christmas is Coming!

It’s true.  The supermarkets are full of advent calendars and other Christmas goodies.

I nearly fell over when I saw them at the weekend.   I haven’t even fully recovered from the summer holidays yet.   Halloween seems ages away and yet it’s Christmas.

I thought that rows of school uniforms and Back to School signs in June long before the kids had even broken up from school was bad enough but this is a step too far.  I was glad though that they were playing Christmas music in store, that would have finished me off completely.

No wonder time seems to be passing even more quickly with each year.  It’s because we’re having Christmas in September!  Go away, I’m not ready yet!


  1. Back to School signs before the children have even broken up are particularly unfair! It's funny, isn't it - people can buy 'seasonal' veg at any time, switch on the TV and watch anything at any time, buy 'seasonal' products months in advance. It's like everything that once made things special is slowly being eradicated for profit and greed. Gosh that is a profound thought for me at midday on a Thursday! :)

  2. Jayne, that is very profound. I think it reflects society in general. Everyone wants everything and they want it now! Makes you hanker after a much simpler life doesn't it?