Wednesday, 23 March 2011

On A Lighter Note

Sorry for my ramblings of Monday - hope I didn't depress you all too.

The black fug has lifted and I'm back to normal now.  The messy house is still the same but I'm just trying not to either notice it or let it get me down.

A while ago I entered a competition in Candis to become their next blogger.  You had to write something amusing that happened to you in 200 words.

Today I found out that I didn't get anywhere with the competition, not that I expected to really, but at least its given me a new blog post. 

So please see below my entry to the competition. Hope it makes you smile.

As my fingers fumbled uselessly in my handbag, I realised with rising panic that I had forgotten my door key. My mouth went dry, heart began to thud and my palms were sweaty.  I was later than I’d planned to be, well you know what it’s like when you get talking, and my husband had obviously decided to have an early night.  To make matters worse the battery on my mobile was dead. 

I rang the doorbell, risking waking the children, but no one stirred in hibernation house.

All the other doors to the house were carefully locked so, as panic resurfaced, I stood below our bedroom window and shouted.  My voice echoed around the neighbourhood but my husband slept on. 

Spotting a ladder lying idly along the side of the house I heaved it up and leant it against the extension roof.  Trembling in high heeled shoes I climbed slowly up, step by step. Shaking even more, I negotiated myself onto the flat roof and up to the bedroom window.  I rapped on it loudly. Eventually Lazarus rose and with a frown on his face opened the window.
            “What are you doing?”
            “Trying to get in,” I replied. “Obviously.”

Since that day I have never forgotten my key!



  1. Love the line about Lazarus rising! Sorry you didn't get further in the competition but you made me smile with this blog post - thank you!

    I'm glad you are feeling better. One thing I try and make happen is to do one thing each day that makes me happy - today is having orange jelly as an after lunch treat. Little things... but for that moment I am very happy indeed!

  2. Glad I made you smile - that was my intention.

    I am feeling better now, still busy and stressed but coping.

    Orange jelly - wow! The kids love jelly in the little pots but I haven't had it for years.

  3. Hi I found your blog via Mum in the Middle and decided to pop by. Glad I did I have writing ambitions of my own but as yet have done nothing ( apart from start my blog towards it!! I loved your entry for the competition it made me smile. Going to definitely follow your blog too.

  4. Thanks for dropping by - I'll call by your blog too.

    Well done for starting the blog - it is a start and a good one to get to know other writers.

    I think the hardest part is knowing what you want to write - my advice would be to just go with anything that feels right and give it a whirl - you never know where it might lead.

    By the way - love your blog name - Mum in Meltdown - yes I think I can relate to that!