Sunday, 13 March 2011

Normal Service Resumed

It's been a while I know, but we had a fab two week holiday in Lanzarote and its taken me a while to catch up - especially with the never decreasing pile of ironing!

The weather was brilliant while we were away and it was wonderful to think that we were lying by the pool in winter.  It really cheered me up and made me wonder if I had actually been suffering from SAD syndrome.

In contrast to the laziness of being on holiday my real life is considerably more chaotic.  I've often wanted to make my life less busy but with two young boys who are mad on sports and joining every club going its impossible - Mum's taxi is always in hot demand.  I'll just have wait for another another ten years until they can drive themselves - or better still drive me.

Normally when I'm on holiday I scribble like mad in my notebook and usually manage to write a substantial amount of the current WIP.  But this year I'm about to go into edit mode and inspiration deserted me.  I did manage a very rough draft of two short stories but apart from that gave myself a holiday and spent most of my free time reading.  I'll be posting reviews of my holiday reads in another post.

This week saw the start of Lent.  I  can't say that I'm very good at giving up things I like, so was quite surprised when my youngest child decided he was going to give up chocolate for the duration.  On the first morning he came downstairs and asked if giving up chocolate meant that he couldn't have Cocoa pops.  When I said yes he would have to have something else instead he went away to think.  Five minutes later he came back to me and said, "Mummy, I've decided not to give up chocolate for Lent, I'm going to give up the Wii, instead."

I wonder how long that one will last.

Back soon.


  1. Welcome back! Aw, your youngest - I'd be the same about cocoa pops. I actually cannot buy any breakfast cereal like that - I swiftly incorporate 'breakfast' into all moments of the day. It sounds like you had a nice time away, a chance to read and relax (a little!). Sometimes it's good to just rest and not feel obliged to do anything - especially when life is generally so busy.

  2. Hi Jayne

    It's good to be back - I think. I am missing the fact that most days I had nothing more pressing to think about than, which book should I read, should I go for a swim and what to choose for lunch.

    I feel another holiday in the offing, its the only thing that can justify my manic lifestyle.

    By the way, congratulations on your short story being shortlisted - that's an achievement and a half even if you didn't win, and good for the CV too.