Thursday, 5 January 2017

Happy Belated New Year

Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been four months since my last blog post, and one of my writing resolutions this year is to be a better blogger (as is my resolution every year).

2016 was a disappointing one in terms of writing, but at least I can't complain that my life isn't full.

For 2017, though, I want to be better, carve out more time for my writing and generally be more focussed and productive.  To do this I either need to delegate more or to be more organised - or probably both.  I heard an interview the other day when an author with a full time job was asked how she fitted everything in and she said she had a big bottom and a dirty house.  I think she's got it just right - its getting your head around not caring if the chores aren't done because you're doing a far better thing by devoting time to your writing.  (Also means you have to get your family's head around it too and make sure that they pull their weight and not spend quite so much time on the X-Box!)

Anyway, in terms of being organised, one minute after the applications opened to join the Romantic Novelist's Association New Writers' Scheme, I sent off my email.  And I got in.  So now I have a deadline to deliver a manuscript by the end of August.  It seems a long way off at the moment but I'm sure, judging by the speed last year disappeared, that it will come round quickly enough.

Now I have no excuse and I'm determined to make 2017 a writing year that counts.

Hope you all have a happy and productive writing year too.



  1. Best of luck Linda - get writing!

  2. Hi Linda, well done on getting into the RNA, you now have a target. My advice is definitely to get yourself organised.
    I write in 15 minute bursts. I know it doesn't sound like much, but everyone can find 15 minutes. You'll be amazed what you can get done.
    Sometimes I'm able to keep going beyond the 15 minutes, but sometimes it's just impossible because of restrictions on my time. Whatever happens, I always feel good after I've completed my daily 15 minutes.

    Blogging is also a good thing to do, it allows you to connect with others who are likeminded. I hope I'll hear more from you here, and the very best of luck with your writing plans.

  3. Hi Linda. I joined the RNA NWS 2 years ago - you won't regret it 😀. Also, if you come along to the summer party we'll get to meet!

  4. Hi Flowerpot, many thanks and good luck with your writing too.
    Maria - 15 minute slots is a good idea - I have a tendency to put other things first but 15 minutes is a good way of getting head round not having enough time. When I am writing I aim for 500 words a day which is doable, but seem to spend most of my time at the moment editing which I find least enjoyable and easier to put off. Will have to rectify that one! Keep up the 15 mins.

    Hi Wendy, thanks for your comment. I have done the NWS a few times before but never got to go to any of the events as they always clashed with something else. Would love to meet up with you so maybe I will try to attend something this time round.