Friday, 26 February 2016

How Are Your Writing Resolutions Going?

So, its nearing the end of the second month of the year and I’ve decided to question how my New Year resolutions are progressing.

Not too well is the answer, despite a determination at the start of the year to be more productive.

In between Christmas and New Year I had a good trawl through my “catalogue” of stories which resulted in me re-submitting two previously submitted stories to other magazines.  I also edited a first draft of a story I wrote last year, sent it to my writer’s group, re-edited and sent it off. 

I also finished an assignment for an article writing course which has taken me nearly a year to do (oh the shame!) and sent it off.

Finally I researched agents to send my novel to (but not sent it off yet).

I suppose this could be considered to be a pretty productive month - especially as I spent quite a few evenings doing freelance work (in addition to my day job) and looking after family etc, but to be honest I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t written anything new.

But that was January and February was even more disappointing. My new story was rejected, I still hadn’t written anything new and I hadn’t resubmitted any other stories either.  I did complete another assignment though, so I suppose that was something bearing in mind the length of time it took me to write the last one!

I have my excuses at the ready though - in the middle of February we went on holiday to Lanzarote - so shopping, packing and preparing for going away - even if only for a week - took up quite a bit of my time, especially as eldest son had grown out of everything and needed a new summer wardrobe.  Also his phone broke so I had to replace that at the last minute before going away - just when yet another trip into town is really not needed (the trials of being a mother).

The only good thing was that I sent some of my writing to my kindle so I was able to edit and expand of some of my ideas whilst I was away. I even wrote somethings new - drum role please.  And of course there was lots of lovely reading time (especially as it rained for two days solid) the first rain they have had there since October - would you please?

And now its back to the washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning and generally running around after everyone - but I have renewed my determination and even come up with a plan of how to create some more space in my life for my writing.  Watch this space!


  1. Well, I think you are amazing for fitting all that in!!! And February doesn't count coz it's too short :) Wishing you more writing time throughout March and a relaxing weekend.

  2. Thank you Nicola - I do think sometimes that I would be better concentrating on one thing at a time but I seem to be addicted to juggling. Hope you have a happy March too.