Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy Birthday!

Today is my youngest son's birthday.

A horrible time to have a birthday, when everyone is fed up with the Christmas celebrations and just wants to get back to normal.

Usually his birthday falls on the first day back at school and the weather is horrible.

Poor thing. 

He was due on Christmas Eve but hung on all the way through Christmas and New Year, so in many ways he's only got himself to blame.

So, twelve years ago this little angel popped into my life.

And this is him now

Yes, he does look like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, but I can assure you that looks can be deceptive and he can be a real challenge at times.

But I love him to bits and hope he enjoys his birthday despite the rotten time of year.

Love you Georgie!


  1. Happy Birthday to George! I'm sure he had a lovely day despite the time of year.

  2. Thanks Wendy, I think he did. And we went to watch his favourite team Leeds play at the weekend and they won, so are through to the next round in the FA cup. Smiles all round