Sunday, 15 November 2015

All Change

I haven't blogged here recently because life has been more than a little hectic.  

First of all I handed my notice in at the horrible job. I've been wanting to leave for ages but didn't want to leave until I had another job to go to. In the end the atmosphere had become so toxic that I felt physically sick each day before I had to go in and near to tears most of the time that I was there.  Eventually I decided that life was just too short.

It saddens me that an organisation whose aim is to empower women made me feel so belittled and diminished.  From the moment I handed in my notice until the day I left the trustees didn't even have the courtesy to speak to me or even respond to work related emails. After nearly two years of dedicated hard work I found their attitude positively insulting.  I can only take heart that their behaviour reflects badly only on them.  I know I behaved with professionalism and dignity until the end.  I am just so pleased that I don't have to have anything to do with them any more.

Because I didn't have another job to go to (although I didn't tell them that), I spent my notice period applying for jobs and trying to make more freelance contacts.

I left work the day that half term started and was hoping to have a quiet week spending some quality time with my boys.  But it wasn't to be as two lots of last minute work came in which kept me tied to my keyboard for most of the week.

The following week I was offered a job, working three days a week.  Its with another charity - this time working with the elderly, but because of my recent experience I was a first hesitant to take another job in the voluntary sector.

As the expense of Christmas is around the corner though, I took the plunge.  I completed my first three days this week and thankfully they seem like a really friendly bunch and it has felt good to be in an environment where the staff are respected.

There is just so much to take in though that each day my head has been near to explosion point by the time I get home.

Its going to be a challenge fitting my increased freelance work, home and family around all this and over the last few weeks my writing has definitely taken a back seat.

I'm sure things will settle down soon but in the meantime I'm setting myself small writing takes each day so that at least I'll feel as though I'm achieving something, rather than having so little time and head space that larger projects seem too daunting.

There is one thing I'm grateful for though, and that is that I didn't sign up to NaNoWriMo this month.  I think that might just have sent me over the edge.


  1. I think you made a brave and sensible decision to leave your job - I'm sure you will be much happier now. I once gave up a teaching position as my job share partner was so horrible so I know how you feel.

  2. Thanks Wendy, it really was a horrible position to be in, particularly since it was coming from a number of people, not just one. I do feel much happier now. Life is too short to be subjected to such a hostile environment. But then again, I'm sure I can take my revenge in my writing somewhere along the line!

  3. I read this and a shiver ran down my spine. I have recently been in this position and it is truly horrible. Good for you for reminding yourself that your life is far more valuable and deserving than being treated badly. It is such a shame that these situations are still happening to people in the workplace. I despise it - big time!!! A few years ago, I was a high level manager and I never treated my staff poorly. I demanded a colleagial team and achieved it. I don't know why on earth this can't be more widely accomplished. It's not rocket science to be pleasant to people - even if times are stressful. Wishing you happiness and peace!

  4. Hi Nicola Thanks for your message, I agree. My motto in life is treat people how you would like to be treated and you can't go far wrong. The sad thing is, is that they were in it for the glory and to feel important rather than because they wanted to create a good service for the people who needed it. Happily the new organisation seems completely the opposite so maybe I have struck lucky.