Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I'm In Prima Magazine!

I was absolutely delighted last week to see my story appear in Prima Magazine.  It’s been my first success for a while, so it was almost as exciting as seeing my first ever story in print.  My experience with the team from Prima has been fantastic.

Firstly I received a telehphone call to say that my story had been accepted, followed by quite a lengthy conversation about me and my writing habits.  This was a bit weird and made me feel like a “proper writer”.  

Right from the beginning I was told what edition the story would be in and when it would come out in the shops, and have also had correspondence regarding updates on payment.  All in all a lovely and efficient team.

I was also really impressed by the illustration which accompanies the story which shows that the illustrator has really read the story and tried to include as many details of the story as possible.

Prima ask for 800 words and pay £100 - not bad.  This was the first time I had submitted to Prima so was even more delighted to be published.  My story had a twist in it which do seem to be popular.  The only downside is that Prima classes the publication as choosing a winner, so I would imagine that this is a one off opportunity, although if anyone knows differently, please do let me know as I would love to submit to them again.

If you haven’t tried submitting to Prima before I would definitely suggest giving it a go.  Their email address is: yourwinningstory@hearst.co.uk.


  1. Congratulations - that's great news! I shall look out for it next time I go shopping :-) xx

  2. Hi Teresa, many thanks, must be pretty old hat for you now seeing your stories in print.

  3. Congratulations!

    Some time ago I queried the rules as they stated one entry only and was told each month is considered a separate competition, so I think you could try again. Might be best to leave it a little while though as I imagine they wouldn't want the same winner too frequently.

  4. Hi Patsy, that's great advice, thanks very much.

  5. Well done, Linda - that's great news. I've never submitted to this magazine.

  6. Hi Wendy, Thanks. With your track record, I'm sure they'd snap up any story of yours.