Saturday, 26 July 2014

Let the Holidays Commence

Not mine I might add, but the children’s.  It’s a short summer break this year – only 5½ weeks, ha ha!

And when most people might be looking forward to lazier days without the school run, my quandary is how to work and to keep the boys entertained for so long.

As a family we don’t take holidays during the summer as my husband is usually snowed under with work.  He is currently working 7 days a week and next week will be working about 15 hours a day, so he can hardly be expected to take his share of the child care, and there’s certainly no long lazy days on the beach to look forward to.

Thankfully as my boys love football, they go to a football school from Monday – Thursday for 4 weeks of the holiday, and I can cover most of my work while they are there and do the rest from home, so most of the time is covered.  I’ve decided that Fridays will be a time when the three of us will have a day out so at least we’ll get away from four walls.  I want us to have some fun time together as well as going on some visits which will be of educational interest for them.  (I haven’t actually mentioned the educational to them yet – ha ha!)

We are lucky enough to live a stone’s throw from what I consider to be one of the best zoo’s in the country.  We’ve had membership there since the boys have been little but recently we haven’t been going very often, so yesterday we decided to make the most of our membership.

My youngest has decided that he wants to see every animal in the zoo this summer, so we may have to do a few visits.  Yesterday it was baking so we did the bottom section of zoo, my youngest marking them off on the list as we went (do you think he has developed my penchant for lists?) and then had lunch in the café.  The good thing is that we also get discount on food and drinks with our membership so it’s win-win.

As ever I had to take photos of my favourite animals. 



We called it a day mid-afternoon – we were just too hot and weary to walk any further, but we all agreed that a good day was had by all.

Today was a day of housework and gardening and tomorrow I’ve said I’m going to get the bikes out and make sure that they are all in working order.  It’s something I may live to regret.

Oh and here is one of the animals at home, having a considerably easier day then we had.


  1. I remember those long holidays trying to keep the children amused - mine were girls and my youngest loved (and still loves) zoos

  2. Its amazing really my eldest is nearly 13 and I thought the appeal would have waned by now but he still seems OK with it. Just dropped him into town today so he can hang out with his mates (will probably be worrying for the rest of the day as town on his own is a new experience - for me at least).

  3. Hope you enjoy the holidays - I used to so look forward to them when my lot were little and now I look forward to having the grandchildren to play with - er I mean look after!
    Love the photo of your very relaxed kitty :-) x