Wednesday, 18 June 2014

It's Still All About Football!

As you can imagine football is currently on the TV in our house on a continuous loop and if I want to watch anything these days I’m relegated to the dining room.

I have so far failed to generate much enthusiasm for the World Cup.  Perhaps I am all footballed out from a season of watching the boys play.  Or perhaps it’s because the England team failed to ignite any enthusiasm in the friendly games in the run up to it all kicking off. (Is that treason?  Will I soon hear a knock at the door and be taken away to have my head chopped off?)

I usually only watch the England games during the first round but on Saturday night I fell asleep half way through – I do blame that on the lateness of the hour though and the fact that I had been to a barbeque and had partaken in a few glasses of wine!

On Thursday we will all be watching the game in our local village club. It’s a great atmosphere for all the family and if the football proves too dire I can always have a chat with my friends (as long as we are not shushed by the men).  I am hoping it will be edge of our seats stuff and that we get the right result – well you can live in hope can’t you?

The other week we had our own football celebrations to mark the end of the season for the boys.  They each received a trophy and my youngest also received one for the most improved player in his team.  It fair brought a tear to my eye.

On Sunday we have an all-day tournament to attend (joy!), so you see my cup runneth over with football.  What it is to be the only female in a male dominated household!


  1. That's funny, Linda - I fell asleep during that match too!

  2. All that build up and we're out already. What a shame.