Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Who's for Ice-Cream?

As ever with the school holidays, I'm juggling work and childcare.  But last Friday I took the day off work and spent some time with my boys.  All of them, as my husband took a rare half day holiday too.

It was blissful to wake up and not to have to marshal the troops to our various destinations on time.  Instead I pootled around in my PJ's and dressing gown - aahhh!

In the afternoon, we took a jaunt out in the car to nearby Nantwich to Snugburys, an ice-cream farm.  Not only do they service a fantastic variety of ice-cream, but every year they also build a massive statue in straw.

Last year it was a bear, and in the Olympic year, a huge Olympic ring with a cyclist on the top of it.  A few years ago it was a mere cat which was just brilliant.

This year it was a Dalek

It can be seen from miles around and took 700 man hours to build the steel girders and then pack with straw.

I love the sign directing people towards it.

The piglets were quite cute too.

But best of all was the ice-cream. Honeycomb's my favourite and I managed to bring home a tub of it too!  It's nestling in the freezer for when I really need it.

What's your favourite ice-cream?


  1. Ooo! We went to an ice cream parlour in Brecon a couple of days ago. My daughter had Turkish Delight and Strawberry Cheesecake flavour, I had Coffee and Walnut and Rasberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake and my son had Chocolate Orange and I think it was Mango Ice. I hope I've remembered those correctly. The Turkish Delight was the nicest of the lot. We might try Snugbury's some time. Thank you for the recommendation. The honeycomb ice cream sounds lovely.

  2. An ice cream farm - whatever next!