Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sean Bean But Not As You Know Him

I must admit I'm enjoying the dramas which have started recently.

Ruth Rendell's Thirteen Steps Down, a physchological thriller based on a man obsessed by the killer John Christie, was chilling and I'm looking forward to the conclusion on Monday.

An old favourtie - Celebrity Masterchef - has returned to brighten up my days, and a host of other cookery programmes have ignited my desire to cook "proper food" again.

Then, of course my guilty pleasure X Factor, is due to start shortly.  I vow every year that I will not get sucked in, and every year I do.  I tend to get bored half way through the live shows, but I love the auditions.  It's the car crash syndrome I suppose.

But I think the jewel in this week's TV crown was definitely Sean Bean in Accused.  Now I've always enjoyed his performances in Lady Chatterley and Sharpe but I can't say I expected to ever see him dressed as a woman.  In this week's episode, written by Jimmy McGovern, Sean plays a transvestite Tracy, who finds herself on the wrong side of the law. I don't think that he made an attractive female - well you wouldn't expect him to, but he did bring a sensitivity to the subject matter which just proves what a fantastic actor he is.

Tracy's male persona, Simon, is as boring as Tracy is flamboyant and that was another surprise.  I never imagined the day when Sean Bean would remind me of Roy Cropper from Corrie.  An excellant programe and performance and I'm looking forward to next Tuesday's episode.

Happy viewing everyone.


  1. Sean Bean was brilliant as Tracy wasn't he, a brilliant piece of acting. I'm looking forward to the next one too.

    My favourite TV at the moment (apart from Holby & Casualty) is Falling Skies :-) x

  2. Falling Skies? I haven't heard of that, what channel is it on?


  3. I think all of The Accused have been brilliant. I just watched A Mother's Son which was interesting. It made me think about viewpoint. There seems to be a host of new things on this week, including Doctor Who (bring back David Tennant).

  4. Hi

    I know, I keep series linking stuff and then not being able to watch it. I'm seriously into Downton Abbey at the moment, ITV3 have started again from the beginning. It doesn't matter how many times I watch this program, I get something new from it every time. And Maggie Smith's one liners - well, it just makes me wish I could write like that.

    As for Dr Who, I must admit, I can't get into it since David left - boo hoo. Hope there's going to be a new series of Merlin soon though.