Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I've been tagged

The lovely  Teresa Ashby has tagged me - sorry Teresa, I've been a bit slack in replying to this.

The tag has the lucky 7 meme. It’s all about the number seven – lucky for some. The tagged-one has to turn to page 77 of their current work in progress, go to line 7 and copy out the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs. Then 7 more people must be tagged

I'm afraid page the lines 7-14 on page 77 weren't especially exciting, but this is only a rough first draft.

So here goes:

My reflection doesn’t please me at all.  Once upon a time, in days which are a blip in my memory, my stomach was flat.  Now, a roll of fat hangs over my Caesarean scar in a wobbly unattractive dollop.  But I can’t just blame it on the children. Somehow I’ve managed to add to the weight I gained carrying them and the result is a heavier more maternal figure than I’m happy with. I’m really going to have to do something to stop the rot before I turn into a complete dough ball. Exercise: something else to try and cram into my already packed day. There’s no point joining a gym; it would be a waste of money.  But an exercise DVD could be an option. I might just be able to find some time to do that when the children are asleep – if I’m not too knackered that is.

Not very exciting is it?  I don't know who to tag on this one so I'll just leave it open. If anyone wants to try this and leave a comment I'd be really interested to read them.

Well, now, I'm off to Tunisa in the wee small hours of the morning. Have spent the last week, shopping, washing, ironing and packing.  Now my head feels as though it's about to explode trying to remember who needs to take what and if there's anything I've forgotten.  Of course there will be.  One year I forgot to pack the chargers for the kid's DS's - I wasn't exactly a popular mummy that holiday I can tell you. I'm not the best of packers, I find it impossible to decide what to take and end up taking far too much and usually coming back with a suitcase full of clean clothes.  But strangely this year, I've managed to fit everything for the four of us into three suitcases, one of which is rather small.  This has left me with a feeling of dread because it doesn't feel right at all. Who knows, I may have finally got the hang of this holdiay lark but somehow I doubt it.  But if anyone moans this year I'm not going to apologise - they can do their own packing next time.

One thing I won't be forgetting to pack though is my Kindle (with its charger) my writing magazines, my notebook and plenty of pens.   Then if anyone does moan, I'll just stick my head in a book and ignore the lot of them.

Happy Easter everyone, hope you don't overdose too much on chocolate.

Oh and yes, I have remembered to pack the mini eggs for the Easter Bunny but don't tell the kids!



  1. I think a lot of people would identify with your character there! I like her already :-)
    Hope you have a brilliant time in Tunisia x

  2. Have a great holiday (although you're probably back by the time you read this!). I hate packing too! It does get easier as the kids get older and can do their own.

  3. Hi Ya

    Thank you both for your comments. My character is a typical working mother stressing about everything and I wonder if she'll ever be happy with herself - you'll have to wait and see!

    I can't imagine the packing getting any easier - I still get the blame when my husband doesn't pack properly!