Monday, 17 January 2011

It's No Use! I'm addicted

Some women go crazy for shoes, some for handbags.  And whilst I have a fair share of both, its books I can’t resist when I’m out shopping. And notebooks. And stationery. Of any kind really.

My tbr pile is reaching dangerous, skyscraper proportions, I’ve  started keeping books in different  cupboards in the house as there are too many to store in just one place and I’ve even siphoned some off to store in my desk at work.

So, after an expensive Christmas where I slithered into the dodgy depths of overdraft, I swore that January would be a book buying free month. I would curb my impulses and keep my hands firmly in my pockets.  I would refuse to buy any more books until my stash is somewhat diminished.  

So far this month I’ve done really well.  I’ve averted my eyes in the supermarket and refused to go anywhere near the deadly shops of sin.  But on Saturday I needed to transfer some money and what did I do? Yes, you guessed it I bought not one but two books.  In fairness they are not for me, they are presents for other people and what nicer things to receive as presents I ask you?

But all the same, it proves one thing.  I am addicted.

What are you addicted to?


  1. I must confess to sharing a similar addiction. I can't pass a book shop without popping in. We are a family of avid readers and have so many books in the house we are having to move to accommodate them all (no, that's not the real reason!!).
    I like the premise of your blog - after years of writing about parenting and editing other people's work, I have decided that it is time that I too, pen that novel, see
    Good luck with the writing and keep reading. It's a good place to start.

  2. Hi Mum in the Middle

    I've dropped by your blog and left a comment.

    I love the feel of the book and have mixed thoughts as to whether an electronic reader would give me the same reading pleasure. It would resolve the space issue though!


  3. I share you addiction - books, notebooks, pens - I love em all! Most writers do. They're tools of the trade. I have to be prised out of bookshops and stationery shops.
    There are worse things to be addicted to ;-)

  4. Hi Teresa

    I agree there are worse things to be addicted to - I forgot to mention wine and chocolate! I wish I was addicted to exercise but sadly I'm not.