Wednesday, 8 December 2010

We Have Kittens!

Look here at the two new additions to our family!

Firstly meet Bobby.

And secondly meet his brother - Luke.
In actual fact these two little tykes have been part of our famiily for a little over four weeks now and they have certainly changed our lives - in a good way - despite the scratches to the wallpaper!
These two little mites may look cute but they have certainly been through the mill in their short lives.
Their mother was abandoned when she was pregnant but fortunately found her way to the RSPCA who saved her life and the lives of some of her babies. She ended up having a Ceasarean section and gave birth to five babies. Only two of those survived - see above. Even though my two little darlings did survive, they still needed to be resusitated at birth. Their mum lost her milk and they were housed with a wonderful foster mum who fed them by had on the hour every hour. They weere really poorly for a long time and their foster mum often wondered if they would make it but thanks to her determination and perhaps theirs here they are. Now they are full of life, tearing around our house like its a ready made race track and coulnd't look healthier. In the short time they have been with us they have both grown so much. I feel so privileged that we have been given these two little lives to nurture. I know that with us they will have a very happy home but I'm even more cetain that we will benefit so much from their love too. Having so much contact with humans from being babies they are the most affection cats I have ever known and its a real pleasure to see their cheeky faces whenever I walk through the door. All I can do is thank the RSPCA and their foster mum for not giving up on them because without them our family would not have had the chance of having these two adorable creatures in our lives and, now even at such a short time, within our hearts.


  1. They are so gorgeous - and it's lovely after all they went through that they will grow up together.

  2. Hi Teresa

    They are aren't they and they have really changed our lives too. They certainly rule the roost in this house.

    Thanks for dropping by.