Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Aiming High

Hello to anyone out there.

I've been away from blogland for a while, mainly due to juggling Easter school holidays with work. I really wish that I had a term time only job, but then again at the moment I'm one of the lucky few who does have a job so I shouldn't really complain. But I'm back now and will try to be a bit more of a consistent blogger!

One of the questions which niggles me as an unpublished writer is: "Am I any good?" followed closely by: "Will I ever be any good?" and its those kind of questions which can drag you down and mean that you don't write anything at all. A self fulfilling prophecy is ever there was one!

But this Easter I was taught a lesson in self-belief from my 6 year old son.

He was telling me that he was sad because it was Good Friday and it was the day that Jesus died. My eldest son is about to take his first communion next month and little fella is taking a keen interest in everything his older brother is learning. He's actually one of the few children I know who enjoys going to church (I don't suppose it will last). So with his current interest at a high I casually asked if he wanted to be a priest when he grew up to which he promptly answered "no". I then asked him what he did want to be expecting the usual answer of a footballer or a chef.

So I was completely floored when his answer was "I want to be God". Now if that isn't aiming for the top I don't know what is.

So there you have it. If my six year old can aim to be God then becoming a published writer should be a piece of cake. Shouldn't it?

Perhaps if we all reach for the stars we may at least end up a little bit nearer to the sky.

Take care everyone out there and aim high. You know you want to.



  1. Hi Linda. It sounds like you have an amazingly smart six-year old there! I constantly worry whether I am any good at writing (as you know) – I think it is the universal quibble for unpublished folk. But I love your take on it – how lovely to be that little bit closer to the sky! I hope you get more time now Easter is over to blog, and to continue with your own writing. It’s nice to see you in blogland!

  2. Hi Jayne

    Thanks for your comments it really good to be back. Its the wonderful bloggers like you that keep me going. And yes my 6 year old can be smart when he wants to be - too much for his own good sometimes (or my sanity) but delightful with it too.

    Whoever said that writing is 1% inspiration and 10% persperation was spot on. But when the black clouds form I think we just have to remember that at least we are doing it rather than just talking about it.


    I will try to b

  3. whoops don't know what happened there! I was going to say I will try to blog more often in future!

  4. It works both ways, comments like that definitely keep me going as well! So thank 'you' - just knowing people are out there rooting for you is such a lovely feeling.

    Completely agree with whoever said that quote! But again, I love your take on it. :)